Create and Send an Invoice

Generating an invoice in Wholster works largely the same as creating an order on behalf of a customer.

The first step is to select the customer you would like to create an invoice for by navigating to Wholster Admin -> Actions -> Create Order.

Once you select a customer, you will be redirected to the catalog page, where you can select products and enter quantities for the invoice.

Continue through the ordering process using the buttons at the top of the page, until you reach the payments page. Here, you will find an “Email Invoice” link at the top of the page. When clicked, a window will open where you can specify who you would like to send the invoice to.

Fill out the form as desired, then click the “Submit” button. An email will then be sent to each of the desired recipients, containing a public checkout link to pay for, or confirm the order, depending on the payment terms applied to their account.

Sample invoice email
If “attach invoice as PDF” is selected, a printable invoice will be attached to the email. Her is a sample of the generated invoice.

The public payments page for the invoice.

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