Creating Wholesale Orders

Once a product is published to the Wholester, an order can be created in a few ways.From the merchant facing dashboard, an order can be created by:

1. Clicking the “Create Order” link in the top navigation menu:

2. Clicking the Actions -> Create New Order link:

If no customer is selected, you will be brought to this page, where you can select which customer you want to create the order for:

Once a customer is selected, you are displayed 2 options, “Browse Products”, and “Upload Via CSV”:

Selecting “Browse Products” will then take you to the order creation process:

Selecting “Upload Via CSV” will take you to a spreadsheet order creation tool, where orders can be created in bulk:

Products can be added to these orders using the buttons provided in each layout.

Standard Catalog:

CSV Creation:

Once products are added to the orders, you can continue to the next page by clicking the “View Cart” or “Generate Orders” buttons respectively.

On the cart page, you can then select which quantities of variants you would like to add for each of the products in the cart:

The shipping address, billing address, order notes, purchase order #, ship date, and any payment terms you have set up can then be applied on this page by clicking the “pencil” icon, or the box surrounding the item you would like to edit.

Once ready, you can click “save and continue” in order to proceed, which will take you to the order overview page.

Shipping can then be selected:

Once shipping is selected, you are then taken to the checkout page. Select a saved credit card, or fill out out the necessary information and check “Confirm Order”.

On the order status page, we can see that the Net 30 payment terms used for this checkout have been applied, so the credit card added during checkout will actually be charged in 30 days from now. Other payment terms, including the default credit card checkout will also provide more detail on the checkout and confirmation pages.

For customer facing ordering, the process is largely the same, but you will need to create a customer account. You can do this by sending an account invite using the customers dashboard, or using the custom signup link for your shop, which is shown on the dashboard homepage:

Once an account is created, you can login as a customer by going to, and start creating orders on connected shops:

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