Viewing your Upcoming Payouts and Payout History

Just like Shopify, Wholster uses Stripe for payment processing, with a similar turnaround time for payouts.

Payout schedules are decided based on your country. Generally, there are daily payouts on a 2 day rolling schedule, meaning deposits will include the payments from 2 days prior.

With regard to your first payout – this is not always guaranteed to happen within 2 days, as Stripe and the bank have a number of factors that could potentially affect the speed of the first payout, to between 7 and 14 days.

Please note – this is entirely out of our control, however, I can assure you that you will be receiving your first payout within the above mentioned timeframe, however, it will likely be much sooner.

When a payout is created, you will be able to see that payout from your payouts page by navigating to Wholster Admin -> Settings -> Payments -> Payouts.

Your Payout History can be found in the same location. You can click through to see the original invoice associated with the payout.

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