How Wholster Works

Wholester is designed to act as a separate sales channel from that of your online store, meaning, you can invite your existing Wholesale customers to the platform, using the tools provided in the dashboard. Your customers can then claim their accounts, and use the login link found on your dashboards homepage in order to log in to Wholster.

On paid accounts, your logo will be used on the login form:

Once logged in, your customers will then have access to your Wholester catalog, containing all of the products you have published to the platform.

Orders can then be created using the platforms “quick order” style, optimized for volume ordering:

This all happens outside of your online store, meaning, a separate checkout system is used, in order for credit cards to be vaulted, allowing for automation of your NET payment terms:

Additionally, depending on your configuration, Wholester allows you to review each order that is made, so you can make any adjustments to shipping, pricing, quantities, and address details before converting it to an order for fulfillment:

On the admin side, when an order is confirmed, as standard Shopify order is created, so you can fulfill just as you would a regular order from your online store. Payments terms, due date, and all other information can be adjusted in the “approved drafts” section, prior to completing the order:

Defining product specific pricing for your customers is a two step – process, which is outlined in this article.

If you would like the pricing to be applied automatically to all new accounts, please ensure to specify at least one customer group as the “default” customer group. Similarly, if your customers are already tagged into various groups, you can associated those tags with each customer group, so the first time their account is accessed, they will be assigned that customer group automatically.

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