Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you apply a discount code?

Wholster does not support discount codes. If you want to run a promotion, this can be accomplished with the approved drafts feature, by applying a discount after the order has been submitted.

What is the best way to categorize different products for the catalog?

The recommended approach would be to publish a good amount of collections to Wholster, then using the “menu groups” feature, organize your categories for easier navigation.

What wholesale pricing/ discount methods are available?

Wholester offers 2 different types of wholesale pricing that you can apply to your customers.

  1. Product Specific Pricing
    This option allows you fine grain control over the exact product price. You can set this up by first setting up at least 1 customer group, then applying pricing for the customer group.
  2. Percentage Discount Pricing
    This option allows you to apply percentage discounts to your entire catalog, or on a per collection basis. Once configured, percentage discounts must be applied on a per customer basis.

You can combine both of the methods above, and Wholester will automatically find the lowest price available.

Can you create an order on behalf of a customer?

Yes, please see this article on how to create an order for your customer.

Can you set up customer payment options through Wholester?

Yes, custom payment terms can be created and applied to individual customer accounts. Please see this article on how to get started.

Can buyers have more than one payment term applied to their account?

Yes, multiple payment terms can be applied to a buyers account. Please see this article on apply payments terms to a buyer account.

*If multiple payment terms are applied to a buyer account, they will then have the option of which term they would like to choose as they go through the ordering process. If you would like to control the specific option that they have, it is advisable to only apply a single payment term to their account.

How does Wholster handle inventory? Is it automatically synced with Shopify inventory?

Products within Wholester are pulled from the same inventory pool that you have set up in your Shopify account. This inventory is controlled solely through your Shopify account, and cannot be manually changed through Wholester.

When an order is placed in Wholster, inventory is deducted from Shopify as soon as the order has been confirmed. If the order is in an approved draft state, inventory will not be deducted until the order is confirmed.

If you need to reserve items for an order that is in an approved draft state, you can use the “Reserve items” feature on the draft’s page in Shopify:

To reserve the products included in an invoice or a draft order, click Reserve items and then select how long you want the items to be reserved. This reserves any items that have inventory tracking enabled, but doesn’t adjust their actual inventory levels in your Shopify admin.

This will however only reserve the product from purchase on your online store, not Wholster, as inventory reservation information is not available from Shopify.

Can buyers have more than one wholesale discount applied to their account?

Yes, buyer accounts can have more than one discount applied to their account. Please see this article on applying discounts to buyer accounts/

Does Wholester support Net 30?

Yes, Wholester supports the addition of specific payment options including Net 30 which can then be applied to individual customer accounts.

Please see this article on how to set up and assign payment terms to customers.

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