Configuring Products

When enabling and configuring your products in Wholster, there are a few key aspects to take into consideration:

  • Pricing
  • Visibility & Published Status
  • Shipping Weights and Dimensions


To set up product specific pricing, you must first configure one or more customer groups. Once these are set up, you can specific the price of each of your products variants, and the minimum increment required for purchase.

Visibility & Published Status

In order for your product to display in Wholster, you will need to enable them. You can do so using the toggle on the individual product page, or in bulk, using the csv import tool.

The product visibility section can be used to enable or disable visibility on a per customer group basis. By default, all new customer groups are enabled.

Shipping Weights and Dimensions

In order to ensure accurate shipping rates, please ensure to add your product dimensions for each of your products in the shipping options setting. If you have already configured your product weight in Shopify, you can leave this value as a “-1”.

Optionally, you can define these values in bulk using the csv import tool.

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