Providing Access Instructions to Your Customers

When you are ready to invite customers to Wholster, so they can create their own orders, the following article can be used to set up your customers with ways to access your B2B portal.

Using both of the below methods in combination with each other will ensure that:

a) It is easy for both your retail and wholesale customers to log in.

b) Your Wholesale accounts never accidentally enter your retail account page, as they will be redirect automatically to Wholster.

1. Use your unique Wholster login and registration links on your website.

Wholster provides you with unique login links found in your Dashboards homepage. The login & registration links can be added anywhere you like, such as the footer of your website, or as buttons underneath your regular login pages. When using the Wholster registration form, a new customer will be created on your store when they register. They can then log directly in to Wholster using your unique login link, or by simply navigating to

This method completely bypasses the Shopify customer account page, so the online store login form never needs to be used for B2B customers.

2. Use your online stores login form to authenticate, and redirect to Wholster.

This method allows your online stores login form to be used to log in to Wholster, only for those customers which you have enabled dashboard access for in Wholster. All other customers will be directed to the regular account page.

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