Issuing Refunds

Since Wholster processes payments on it’s own checkout, in order to issue a refund for a credit card payment made through the platform, you will need to use the tools in Wholster to do so.

In order to refund, and re-stock items in a single step, you can use the refund tool found on the orders page within Wholster by navigating to Wholster Admin -> Orders, clicking on the order number, then clicking “Issue Refund” in the top order menu to access the refund screen.

By default, each item is selected to be refunded, but not restocked. You can change the values here in order to decide what items are needed to be refunded, which will calculate the total available refund automatically.

Once ready, click the “Issue Refund” button, in order to refund the payment made through Wholster.

If you need to issue a partial refund, for a percentage of a products value, then you will need to first issue the refund on the order in Shopify, then issue a specific refund on the specific transaction in Wholster. This can be done by either navigating to Wholster Admin -> Settings -> Payments -> Transactions, and finding the transaction you need to refund, or by clicking the transaction in the order events section on the order page within Wholster.

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