Ensuring Accurate Shipping Rates

When retrieving carrier calculated shipping rates in Wholster, there are a number of factors at play, which can effect the shipping estimate displayed, and in turn, applied to the order.

Since Wholster uses box-packing technology to programatically “pack” the boxes before sending the final dimensions and weights to the carrier service, it is important to add your products dimensions, when setting up your products.

Once your products dimensions and weights are configured, you will want to ensure that you have configured your pre-defined parcels to allow for multiples of your products to be shipped together, based on the dimensions and weights set up in the previous step.

As there may be a difference in the rates returned from the carriers, and what you are actually paying to purchase a shipping label, depending on how you fulfill your orders, you may want to adjust the shipping rates applied to the order. This can be done when configuring your customer groups.

Lastly, if you have special pricing for a particular carrier account, you will want to connect Wholster with this account when enabling your shipping rate providers so that accurate rates are returned.

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