Enabling Shipping Rate Providers

In order for Wholester to display shipping rates, at least 1 carrier provider needs to be enabled. If you have not yet added your business address to Wholester, first do this by going to Admin -> Settings -> Address, and complete the form. Once your address is complete, the carriers available to your country will be available in your Shipping settings.

1.  To enable carriers, navigate to Admin -> Settings -> Shipping.

2. For each carrier that you wish to use, click the enable button next to it’s name, then toggle the “Services” section, so display the available service levels for each carrier.

3. Once complete, click the “save” button on the top of the Shipping providers section:

Once you have configured all of your desired carriers, you can configure parcels to be used when calculating shipping rates.

1. Click on the “New Parcel” button under the boxes section, and fill out each section of the form. Once complete, click the “Save” button at the top of the page.

Congratulation, you have now set up your shipping providers, and rates will now show at checkout:

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