Create a customer account and send them an invite

While Wholester is directly connected to your Shopify account, including customer accounts, products, orders, and inventory – B2B accounts, permissions, and ordering are accomplished through Wholester.

This means that each customer you would like to grant access to must create an account.

This can be accomplished in through Wholester by navigating Wholester Admin -> Customers -> “Customer Name”, and clicking the “send invite” button. The customer will then receive an email where they can set their password and be able to login to Wholester and start creating orders.

If you would like the customer to have access to the dashboard as soon as they create an account, you can toggle the Dashboard Access switch to the on position.

The login link is found by visiting

Similarly, your store has a unique signup link, which can be bulk emailed to your customers, which is found on Wholster’s dashboard home view, ad look as follows

Your shop's unique signup link is{YOUR_SHOPS_UNQIUE_ID_HERE}.
Customer's can login here:{YOUR_SHOPS_UNQIUE_ID_HERE}.

You can also add the login link to your Shopify website if desired. A suggested area would be in the header or footer navigation bar, naming it “B2B login” or similar.

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