Configuring Customer Groups

Many of Wholster’s features depend on having customer groups configured, including setting up product specific wholesale pricing, minimum order values, credit limits and shipping rate adjustments.

To configure a customer group, navigate to Wholster Admin -> Customers -> Customer Groups, and click the “New Customer Group” button in the top right corner:


Name your customer group something appropriate for who will end up in the group. In the example above, we’ve named the group “New Accounts (Default)“, as this is the standard group we’re going to be automatically inserting new and existing accounts into.

Auto Apply Group by Tags

If you have a pre-existing customer list, which has your customers divided into a group by tag, you can automatically insert these customers into the customer group within Wholster by defining the tags here. This applies only to the first time a customer account is created, or accessed within Wholster, otherwise, the default group will apply.

Minimum Order Value

If you would like to ensure that customers in this group are forced to purchase a certain amount within Wholster, enter that value in this box.

Credit Limit

Use this value to limit the amount of credit offered to a customer. It is important to note, that credit is only available if you have applied payment terms to the customer’s account. It is recommended to put either a -1 (negative one), to allow for an unlimited credit availability, or the actual number you would like to issue for credit. Putting a zero here is not recommended, as any orders placed after an initial “Net” checkout will be blocked for further credit.

Shipping Discount

The value entered here will be used to adjust the value of the shipping rates returned for customers placed in this group.

For example:

a) If you would like to decrease each shipping rate by 10%, enter a 10 here. b) If you would like to increase each shipping rate by 5%, enter a -5 (negative five) here.

Default group

If you would like to make this group the default group for all new accounts, that don’t fall into another groups tagging rules, select “true” here. It is recommended to set up a default group, so all new customers are placed into a customer group automatically, allowing for the greatest flexibility of the apps features.

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