Adding Additional Details to Invoices

Wholster offers the ability to generate PDF invoices to provide to your customers. While the bulk of the invoice template is not editable, additional details can be added to the footer of the invoice.

To edit your invoice footer information, navigate to Wholster Admin -> Settings -> Account, then scroll down to the invoices section.

If you are required to display customer information on the invoice, that is not provided out of the box, you can use the “Customer Notes” feature on the customer page within Wholster to add additional details, then access them using liquid syntax within the invoice details section.

The entire customer object is also available for use. The available variables can be found below:

Each order that is a member of the invoice is also available for use within the orders object.

Using the “Business Number” example above, the following liquid code will print out the customers business number on the bottom of the invoice.

Thank you for your business, {{ customer.first_name }}!
{% for field in customer.metafields %}
{% if field.key == "Business Number" %}
Tax ID: {{ field.value }}
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}

{% for order in orders %}
{{ }},
{% endfor %}

INVOICE: {{ invoice.invoice_name | default: '' }}

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